OT: Binoculars for birds?

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Re: OT: Binoculars for birds?

olrett wrote:

olrett wrote:

For the 1% case you describe, if you have a telephoto lens for your wow camera, you may be better off getting a $160 Kenko Lens2Scope, a gizmo that turns a lens into a spotting scope with 10x the magnification it would have mounted on a camera, so a 300mm lens would become a 60x scope.

You're right. I hadn't thought of that. Thanks for bringing it up.
Pardon my brevity, I'm off checking out gizmos...

Turns out it's too complicated. Lens2Scopes have been discontinued, and while there are still several in circulation, they are for other mounts anyway. I do have an adapter Canon->MFT somewhere, but it would have to go in the opposite direction, allowing attaching an MFT lens to the Canon mount of the Lens2Scope.

Looks like it'll be binoculars after all.

I found this comparison site quite helpful: https://www.allbinos.com/

Concerning the question if it is really worth paying 2000 Gold Sovereigns for a top of the line bino: The Zeiss Victory SF 8x32 of my wife makes all our other binos (Zeiss & Leica) look out of focus, so yes for stationary usage and in the dusk those are the ones I would go for. However for out and about the Zeiss Terra ED 8x25 are the ones I prefer because they are 95% as excellent in daylight and fit in a jacket pocket.

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