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Re: X rite colorchecker passport magenta tint

Steve BB wrote:

Not much.

Interesting that my mention of 'reproduction-grade' went unnoticed.

Out-of-the-box X-Rite profiles don't play well with default settings in Adobe converters.

One needs to modify the settings in a converter and, ideally, modify the profile itself.

https://www.rawdigger.com/howtouse/overriding-raw-converter-default-adjustments-settings and the comment where we suggest the modification of the profiles,

Hi Lilah, sorry I missed your comment. Please bear with me, just so I understand:

When you say x-rite profiles dont play with with default settings in Adobe converters, do you mean Lightroom reading/converting the profile that x-rite plug-in made?

> exiftool -ProfileToneCurve="0 0 1 1" -o new.dcp old.dcp

What does this code relate to? Does it go in Raw Digger?

There are multiple components of a DCP profile, and one of those is called a Tone Curve.

It appears that the default setting of most Adobe products is to use whatever the tone curve in the profile is - which means that if a profile has a baked-in "look", it will have effects on the colors.

Some raw processors make it easier to see the tone curve being applied - and in the case of RawTherapee, defaults to ignoring any tone curve embedded in the DCP profile (but will apply its own if you choose certain presets) - RawTherapee's documentation on tone curves is at https://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/Exposure#Tone_Curves

You can pretty much assume that if you use a "typical" DCP profile which includes a defined tone curve in an Adobe product, you'll get whatever tone curve is in the profile applied, using an algorithm similar to what RawTherapee calls "Film-Like" - https://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/Exposure#Film-Like - this will alter saturation of colors depending on their luminance.

The exiftool command that Iliah gave will take whatever tone curve happens to be in the profile and replace it with a linear mapping (which effectively disables the tone curve feature). This leads to a "flat/neutral" starting point.

The documentation on dcamprof also goes into detail regarding tone curves and tone reproduction - http://rawtherapee.com/mirror/dcamprof/dcamprof.html#tone_curves

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