X rite colorchecker passport magenta tint

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Re: X rite colorchecker passport magenta tint

Not much.

Interesting that my mention of 'reproduction-grade' went unnoticed.

Out-of-the-box X-Rite profiles don't play well with default settings in Adobe converters.

One needs to modify the settings in a converter and, ideally, modify the profile itself.

https://www.rawdigger.com/howtouse/overriding-raw-converter-default-adjustments-settings and the comment where we suggest the modification of the profiles,

Hi Lilah, sorry I missed your comment. Please bear with me, just so I understand:

When you say x-rite profiles dont play with with default settings in Adobe converters, do you mean Lightroom reading/converting the profile that x-rite plug-in made?

> exiftool -ProfileToneCurve="0 0 1 1" -o new.dcp old.dcp

Oh i see now in the comments on the webpage you sent. Is the purpose of this to edit the tone curve of the xrite profile say, or to edit the tone curve of an exported image?

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