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Re: X rite colorchecker passport magenta tint

ggbutcher wrote:

Alex Marks wrote:

Wow, I'm doing repro work and this thread is basically mind numbing. Is this all to say using the large color checker and the xrite software is for the birds? My reds are hopeless and currently so am I. I only ask this because it seems as tho none of these responses address a way to get a solid profile from this color checker without getting heavily technical and using a spectrometer. Yikes. Also, greens are a problem for me. Just to make it real confusing I'm using cross polarization as well.

I'd dump the x-rite software. A ColorChecker with a proper calibration file should give you decent results. With that, I'd recommend Lumariver software, as it has the same processing core as dcamprof, a tool I've used extensively to do all that technical stuff. Lumariver will make either DCP or ICC profiles from your ColorChecker target shots that are colorimetrically consistent with the target.


Now, if you are really interested in doing precise reproduction work, getting a spectral sensitivity dataset for your camera is the way to go. With this data you won't need target shots; you'll use this data with a training color reference dataset to produce LUT-based camera profiles, which will give you better color transforms to render destinations. Indeed, with this workflow you could make a training dataset which included patches measured from pigments of the artwork like Iilah suggested earlier. To do this sort of thing, you'd need dcamprof and would need to learn how to use the command line.

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with the Lumariver folks; I just use its core, dcamprof, and it is excellent software IMHO.

Yup.  All of the bundled profiles in RawTherapee are generated using dcamprof

I'm not sure what lumariver may offer other than a GUI for those of us who are comfortable on the commandline, but for someone like Alex, lumariver is probably a solid choice.  It'll definitely be a better option than X-rite's own software - I never could get satisfactory results using it, although that was partly because I was trying to profile a camera with a fixed fisheye lens.  (There are workflows for feeding dcamprof a "defished" reference shot, but not for X-Rite's software...)

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