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Re: X rite colorchecker passport magenta tint

Steve BB wrote:

If I shoot against a white gallery wall and use the XMT500s as the only light source, and then set the white balance to the colour card, I find that this often gives warmer white walls than if I dropped the white balance on the white wall.

Cameras, raw processors, and camera profilers will typically saturate colors over what is strictly accurate. There is a good scientific reason for doing so, as images are typically viewed—in a print or on a monitor—far dimmer than how they were photographed, such as photography in sunlight, and human vision becomes less sensitive to contrast and saturation differences in dim lighting. So a brightly lit scene in a photograph needs more saturation and contrast to look good in a print when viewed under dim lighting.

But you are photographing a scene that is *already* dim, so you don't need to boost either saturation or contrast to make the scene appear to be good, as your photographs will be viewed under conditions similar to your subject. Your Canon camera's "Faithful" picture style might give you a better start, because as far as I know it does not add this additional contrast and saturation, and indeed, it tends to produce images that appear a bit dull and flat. But it is more accurate, and should give good results with your dimly lit scene.

I'm not sure how you can use the Faithful picture style as a basis for calibration, other than using special software and a lot of work. Or you just need to lower contrast and saturation, which may lead to the walls looking more accurate.

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