Vivo X70 Line announced

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Re: Vivo X70 Line announced

d altman wrote:

i had an x60 pro plus but ended up selling it. the camera system was impressive but the overall experience was disappointing. i didn’t like the feel of the screen with the factory installed film screen protector. due to the under display fingerprint reader, i think that’s all you can get. and since i am in the US and the phone wasn’t intended for use here, there was a lot of Chinese apps and messages that i couldn’t delete or understand. like on most US based android phones, when you swipe right from the home screen you get Google news articles. on the x60 pro plus all i could get was Chinese news. also, i could not get reliable push notifications. like from all apps. so i wouldn’t know when i got a text message, or my ring cameras triggered. i had to enable developer mode and use some techniques i got from xda developers to disable some vivo battery saving features and it still wasn’t reliable.

It's missing the Plus improvements, but if camera quality is your main interest than the Pro model may be the killer model. Quality was visible improved (maybe because of that V1 chip?).

Remember, none of these phones are a Pixel with pure Android, and many problems like not being able to uninstall things that came with the phone are a problem that Android had since the beginning and will always have (you also can't uninstall Apple's things on iOS), you can disable or try to root to remove.

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