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tclune wrote:

Mark B. wrote:

With a monopod, I find the tilt head is easiest, as a ball head has too many degrees of freedom and difficult to tighten where you want it.

I would just suggest to the OP that s/he also consider a gimbal.

I'm resurrecting this thread to say that I just got a new monopod head that seems to be the perfect head for my purposes -- the Wimberley MonoGimbal. Unlike a full gimbal, it is light as a feather (3/4 of a pound.) For a long lens (the only thing I use a monopod for), the head is a dream. It even makes carrying a big honking tele with your camera almost comfortable (sling it over your shoulder and you can rest the lens across your shoulders.) It really isn't meant for smaller rigs, though -- it is a side-mount, so the lens needs to have a collar to allow you to shoot in landscape mode (and rotate to portrait mode if need be.) You can use an L-bracket if you want to mount the camera directly to the arca swiss QR, but I would choose a much cheaper tilt head for that sort of rig personally. Wimberley warns against using it with a flimsy monopod, and I think that warning is well-taken -- the side-mount exerts some serious pull when supporting seven or eight pounds of gear.

As soon as I saw the MonoGimbal, I ordered it. It is such an obviously superior design for big lenses on a monopod that I am surprised it didn't always exist. It's a Wimberley, so it's pricey for what it is, but it is a dream come true for this birder. FWIW

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