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Re: re: Rubber eye cup on DK20c correction lens

Out of curiosity, I looked at some of the reviews of the diopter eyepiece -- lots of complaints about lacking an eye cup. But one review said that "the groove" on the DK20 -- suggesting it's one groove, not a couple, which is confusing since you say there are two -- is too narrow to accept the eye cup.

I'd suggest finding a way to widen the groove/grooves to the point where the original eye cup fits.

If you'd rather not DIY with a hobby knife or Dremel tool, and if you're truly in London, somewhere in that city will be a full-service jeweler with an engraver on staff. The engraver could easily widen the groove on the DK20. Possible problem: they're used to levying lots of euros for what they do.

Also somewhere in or around London will be a small machine shop, with the tools and expertise to re-groove the DK20. These have for the most part disappeared in the US, but UK / Europe should still have a goodly supply of them.

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