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You've gotten a lot of good advice and I would like to add one more thought that I don't think has been fully covered: height. You most likely won't always be taking photos on level ground. (If you are, then you can stop reading here, but ask yourself: am I always going to be taking photos on level ground?) So if we assume you aren't, then you need a tripod which is taller than you are unless you want to hunch over when taking photos. While I agree that not all your photos will be with the tripod fully extended; and indeed many great compositions will be with the tripod at varying heights; if you are at the edge of a road, or a river or lake, or in mountainous/rocky terrain, odds are you will need one leg to be extended significantly further than the other legs to make the tripod level. In addition to wildlife you may also want to do bird photography. More than half the time when I am doing bird in flight photography, I am standing at the edge of a road. There is often a low shoulder or a drainage ditch along the road, so my tripod's forward leg is usually extended about a foot more than the other legs. I want to stand fully upright when photographing BIF, I found I not only needed an eye level tripod but one that was a bit higher since many birds are flying overhead, so I want to look up into the viewfinder.  And for night skies I want a tall enough tripod that I can look up into the viewfinder -- and I plan to do this even with my R5 since I find it easier to compose with the viewfinder than the LCD.  Having said all this, and after buying two or three unsatisfactory tripods, I finally determined that I needed a tripod which is about a foot taller than I am, so my tripod is about 6-1/2 feet tall. Think about it....

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