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Eddie Rizk wrote:

  • You HibikiTaisuna wrote:

Hi Felipe, thanks for your review. I see that you now own the 19mm PC-E from Nikon. How do you think theses two compare? I want to get a Tilt Shift for my Z7 until something native is released by Nikon for the Z-mount and am wondering if it's worth to spend the extra money on the 19mm.

Since I was in this thread originally, under my old account, I feel qualified to comment.

Wider is better. If the Z-EF adapter allows you to control the aperture, get the TSE 17.

From my personal experience from owing and using the 17 and 24 I'd say get the 24mm. I use it maybe 85% for interior and exterior architectural photography. The 17mm is reserved for tight spaces i.e. bathrooms where there is no room to step back and use the 24. The 17 has steep perspective and the distortion near edges can be a problem, so the shifting and composition need to be carefully considered. Also the 17 mm is prone to blooming when downlights hit the front bulging element. I try to shade it with cartboard or hand in such situations

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