Olympus EM5 mark three question

Started Sep 4, 2021 | Discussions thread
Alexis D Contributing Member • Posts: 858
Re: Olympus EM5 mark three question

Jonas Palm wrote:

Alexis D wrote:

You will also need a place with little wind or vibration, as the E-M5 III would wobble and bounce on the tripod, due to the E-M5 III's flexible plastic base that the tripod mount is screwed onto.

I guess YMMV applies when it comes to this, but I have had no issues shooting tripodded with the E-M5iii.

If you have issues with stability shooting on tripods in wind, well that kind of goes with the territory. The system as a whole catches the wind gusts, pinning sharpness issues on the plastic base specifically seems odd.

Have you tried using the E-M5 III with a long lens on a tripod when there is wind? I have.  I own the camera.

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