X100V Mac Connection Issue

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BTW: There are several reasons why you might want to connect your camera to your computer to import images instead of using a card reader -- using a computer without an SD card slot and not wanting to carry another piece of equipment is one of them, reducing wear and tear on the SD card is another.

Which begs the question would you prefer reducing wear on your $1,000 camera — potentially no longer on warranty — or your $15 card reader?

Or pulling the card continuously out of the camera - flexing the small spring every time and dragging the contacts of the SD card across the camera. No thanks, I keep my cards in the camera and plug it into the computer.

You’re probably putting the same amount of wear on that tiny data socket on your camera.

I've not yet broken an USB micro nor USBC socket. I have had to replace a SD card socket at a not insignificant cost. Thank you very much I'll keep my cards in the camera unless absolutely necessary and from time to time it is for example when Fuji bricks the connection protocol in a F/W "upgrade" and you have no other choice.

Never had an SD card or SD card socket break in all the years I've been shooting digital. Removing SD cards is also what every professional photographer does since any other method would be too slow. Never heard about your fear being an issue, ever.

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