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Disclaimer up front; I don't own the K-3 III, everything that I know comes from reading published reviews, youtube reviews, and comments on this site and the pentaxforums site.

I was very interested to see the new Pentax "flagship" APSC camera come into existence, and I had hoped that it would be the camera to finally replace my K-5.  While there are many things I like from the reviews I have read and the discussions on this forum and the other site, this camera does not deserve to be called a Flagship camera.  The term "flagship" implies that the camera would have all the latest and greatest, and it does not.

There is no GPS in the K-3 III, and that's a big disappointment for me.  I just completed another cross-country bicycle tour with my old K-5 riding in the handlebar bag - it would have been great to have location data for the photos I shot in the 15 states I traveled through (www.cycleblaze.com/journals/warriordeath1).   My cell phone has this capability, a modern "flagship"  camera should also have it.  This is made even more frustrating by the fact that Pentax has included GPS in other cameras.  Apparently  Pentax wants me to spend an additional $200 to get the optional GPS unit add-on - are you kidding me?

My old K-5 has a flash - not very powerful, but occasionally useful for outdoor fill flash.  I would understand if the space was needed for GPS, but there's neither GPS nor flash in the K-3 III.  My K-5 was the Pentax flagship when it was released, and it truly deserved the flagship title.  The K-3 III does not.

The K-3 III has a fixed LCD.  Pentax has included articulating LCDs in other flagship cameras such as the K-1, but chose not to include it for the K-3 III.

The price of the K-3 III is currently about $200 higher than the K-1 II.  Frankly, that's just ridiculous.  I know that the K-3 III has a much improved autofocus, extraordinary optical viewfinder, very high IQ, dual memory cards, and numerous software/hardware improvements.  It's obviously an advanced camera, but it doesn't deserve the title of flagship and it's priced about $500 higher than it should be relative to it's worth.

I'll be anxious to see the DPR review.  We already know that the camera will score extremely low in the value category.  I think it will get dinged for the lack of an articulating LCD as well.  It should score well in other categories.  Some day I may buy it, but the price will have to drop much lower before that happens.   I expect to get flamed for my opinion here, and that's OK.  Mostly I am just disappointed in Pentax using the term "flagship" for a camera that doesn't deserve the label and then pricing it as though it did.

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