Why might I be getting this heavy vignetting on my scans?

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Re: Focusing screen ?

Overrank wrote:

Alan GT wrote:

Does the camera have film in it, or is the light grey area at back of the mirror box not the usual black film pressure plate?


Looking at the back of my FE the pressure plate is smooth and it looks like those photos when you open it on B, so it could be either

In the images I posted, the camera does have film in it.

Today, I rewound the roll and popped it out so the camera is empty currently. I also took it into the lab where I had the images developed and had their senior camera guy take a look at it and showed him this thread. He had no clue what the issue might be.

My black and white rolls should be coming back this Friday so I'll be able to take a look and see if the issue repeated itself on those images. I'll update y'all then! If the issue is persistent on those rolls, I'll bring it into the Glazer's repair shop and see if they can make heads or tails of this.

Thanks everyone for the help!

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