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RedDragon_BZ wrote:

Much appreciated, will look at these tonight. Have a local shop as well. I am not doing extended backpacking trips, just day trips, so I'm not trying to go crazy minimizing weight and can handle some additional weight if needed.

Can you clarify for me, though, the height? I just pulled the FLM specs for the CP30-L4 II and the max height is showing as 68". That is about 7 inches short of my standing height. I am 6'3" or 1.9m tall. Just want to ensure I am not missing something here in how I am reading this. And God help me if my conversions are off! I think a good starting tripod like this one may fit the bill.

Just to ensure I am accurate, I'd grab the legs and then the only other item I would need would be the ball head, which the chart below provides suggestions of?

Okay, let’s tackle the height topic first. What a lot of people do not consider in the first moment when doing the math regarding height:

You are 1.90 m tall, but your eyes are lower, let’s say approx. 6 cm!

The max tripod height is measured to the top of the base plate, but then you have to add also

- the height of the head on top of the base plate; an average ball head adds here approx 9 cm!

- the height of the camera from the bottom of the mounted camera plate / l-bracket to the viewfinder, which are additionally around 6-7 cm

Using above stated numbers the CP30 will get your camera viewfinder anywhere to around 1.89 m (173.5 cm tripod + 9 cm ball head + 7 cm camera) while your eyes should be anywhere around 1.84 m (1.90 m - 6 cm). All this are general numbers, feel free to get more exact numbers by using the dimensions of your specific gear.

Also, keep in mind that you barely will always shoot exactly on eye level, as the scene and the desired image defines the height of your setup and articulating screens make life even more easy. Again, I am 1.85 and on even ground, when not shooting extremely overhead, I barely need to extend the last leg section at all. Therefore the max height should also be sufficient for you, with just 5 cm less reserve.

Yes, you get yourself the legs and then you need a head, that’s correct. But you also will need

- a camera plate or l-bracket to mount the camera on to the head, when shooting with a shorter lens that has no lens foot; personally I only use and recommend a l-bracket, it’s simply more useful and convenient.

- and (potentially) a lens plate to mount your 100-400 on to the head (as I do not know if your 100-400 has for example already an AS style lens foot); shooting with such a big lens you mount the lens to the head, not the the camera!

You see, quite a complex topic. But don’t worry, we all started from scratch, so no problem to ask questions and learn step by step.

By the way, maybe drop a mail to Ari from FLM Canada, he is a really great guy, can give you some more information about FLM products if interesting for you and sometimes even has some tripod legs and / or ball heads on sale.


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