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Re: flagship M43 "VS" entry APS-C

Funny Valentine wrote:

ahaslett wrote:

You shoot the MFT at f10 and APSC at f5.6 - is the noise surprising?


Ok, both at f/5.6 and base ISO, the m43 still looks noisier and

Your test is meaningless for several rrasons

1 your using different scenes with different focal points. On the Canon one your focus is on the tree so the sky is blurred more.

2. Your using JPEG, presumaby default settings where sharpening and/or noise reduction settings may be different

Try shooting the same scene with both cameras on raw with the same aperatire (better yet, same lense with adaptor) and the Olympus will be competitive....

Ive done this. I own a Canon m50, a 6d, and several m43 cams including a G9, and the G9 trounces the m50 when it comes to detail and noise. In fact, the G9 competes with the 6D. When I use high res mode on the G9(I do macro and landscape), it soundly beats the 6d in every measurable category (resolution, noise, detail, color resolution, etc). I keep the canons b/c I like the SOOC color and ergonomics.

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