Invest in new camera body or lens, that is the question

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Re: Invest in new camera body or lens, that is the question

User4286416121 wrote:

Faster lenses.

Better body.

Not sure current cam is good enough at low light fast action.

If so then lenses. Fast and proper ranges.

If not tough choice.

Is the m6 ot 90 good enough under those circumstances?

If not, ff lenses, and body.

What mm is needed for indoor hockey?

Low light requires great lenses and bodies

While I can't speak from experience, I have seen 70-200mm being used in similar environments, at least from local sport galleries around the internet. I would be also looking at bigger camera body  as I don't exactly love how M50 feels in my hands, R6 did solve that issue compared to m6. 90D was my second idea, but talks of focusing issues ("soft focus") made be bit worried. Seems like lens is way to go and figure out body upgrade down the line, hopefully with decent discount / price drop.

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