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I am looking at buying a camera and lens/lenses for portrait photography. I currently have a Nikon d3200 and two kit lenses that I received as a gift. I unfortunately broke the 16-55 and was looking for a lens to replace it. I realized however that I would be investing money money in what is likely a dying system.

Here is what I am looking for, a camera with one or two portrait lenses. I have a budget of around 1,500 usd though I could possible go a little higher. Used gear is fine with me and preferred due to budget constraints. I would like to be able to do professional work though I am just starting out. I have never used a mirrorless camera but that or a DSLR would be fine. I have a few vintage Pentax lenses that I would like to use but it’s not a dealbreaker if I can’t. I would like to invest in a system that I can upgrade down the line and not have to sell all my lenses and camera bodies.

Options I have considered:

Sony a7 classic or a7 ii with 50mm 1.8 and 85mm 1.8

Nikon z50 with ftz adapter and various lenses

Fuji x-t1/2 - I found this option limiting because of the expensive lenses and relatively few options.
Nikon d600/610 with various lenses

Thank you!

What do you consider portrait lenses? Back in the 35mm film days, different styles of portraits would be shot with 50, 85, 105 or 135 lenses depending on the subject, staging and lighting.

Just what do you have for legacy lenses? [without considering the F mount 'kit' lenses]

Your vintage Pentax lenses may work on a recent Pentax body - or they might not [check the Pentax SLR forum for opinions and options]

For a $1500, two lens kit how about

  • Olympus OMD M10 mark 2 body [used or refurbished]
  • Olympus Pro 12-45 f/4
  • Sigma 56 f/1.4
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