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I happen to have one of these , largely because I got it at a significant discount. It's not really a travel tripod but I loath dragging a tripod around when traveling (not that we're traveling right now, France and the UK won't let us in and I'm a bit afraid of the health situation in Mexico.)so that's not much concern. It's also not water resistant, but in my personal view water is something you mix with scotch rather than make phontographs in so I don't care about that either

DP reviewed it and concluded it wasn't the best of the bunch, but as a low end contender I personally think it has some merit. They are available for significantly less than the price DP lists.

At the risk of sounding like I'm a shill for somebody's eBay items, I bought mine from these guys and they accepted an offer for $400.  This included a pretty good tripod head (K-40) and the center column.  I've never actually put the center column into the legs so I can't say much about it other than the cosmetic appearance is ok.

This is not a recommendation since I don't actually know anything about them. I had a question about the item and he was kinda off-putting in his response, acted annoyed because he was on vacation somewhere with his family and too busy to deal with business questions, and I probably wouldn't have bought from him if it weren't cheap. Buyer Beware.

Might also consider whether you want a 3 or 4 section leg and the advantages/disadvantages of each. My personal preference would have been for a 3 section leg, but I couldn't find as good a discount on one of those so I settled for the 4 section.

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