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Hello All -

Just upgraded from a 77D to a Canon R5 and am looking to get a tripod. I would prefer not to break the bank ($100 - 300ish) and keep the price reasonable as this is my first tripod and I am still learning a lot. Was wanting to stay around $100 but my quick trip to the camera store showed that may not be viable. I want to have a tripod that is at least 6'3" in height fully expanded (I am tall) and is light weight so I can take it backpacking on my packs to capture landscape scenery. I'd also like to use it to shoot wildlife. I imagine my general uses will be as follows:

  • Canon R5 with RF 15-35mm
  • Canon R5 with EF 100-400mm with 1.5x extender and conversion ring

Stopped by my local store today but they were closing and didn't have great time to look. Ultimately for wildlife want it to support the 100-400mm so I don't have to hand hold the entire time. Also want stability as I love shooting nighttime skies when I am out in the back country.

Thank you in advance for your time!

You definitely don't want to cheap out on a tripod supporting a $3,900 camera. Not to mention the 100-400 + extender + adapter is going to add weight. Keep in mind, though, that the head will add height and then you have the height of the camera viewfinder.

You won't get something that's light AND tall AND cheap. Pick two You'll be spending at least $300 just for the legs. I spent about that just on a travel tripod, but I'm not sure I'd put your setup on it.

Good Morning Mark! Thank you for the reply. I think that is a fair challenge. I saw this on a DP Review video I found last night. Any thoughts here? Seemed to be reviewed well with the only real critique being that he had some personal concern about the viability of the plastic pieces in extreme cold. It seemed to check MOST of my boxes, coming in just a bit short, but only by a few inches.

You must remember that the "maximum height" spec given is always with the center column raised completely (unless it does not have one but this one does).  That said, that is the most unstable condition to use a tripod - most especially with the heavy load you're going to put on it.  I would definitely not do this if it were my gear.

I actually use something very comparable, a MeFoto GlobeTrotter Carbon Fiber.  But I don't put anything nearly that heavy on it, at most a wide-angle to short tele zoom.  And if I raise it more than a few inches I'll hang something from the bottom of the center column.

I very seriously think you need to expand your budget so you can get something that's closer to the height you want w/o raising the center column.

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