X rite colorchecker passport magenta tint

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Re: X rite colorchecker passport magenta tint

Entropy512 wrote:

Mark Scott Abeln wrote:

Steve BB wrote:

Are colour profiles meant to be 'exact'


At least not if generated from a generic calibration target.

Actual SSF measurements of the sensor are going to give the best results, but there will always be tradeoffs when you're dealing with a Bayer CFA, and getting SSF measurement requires equipment that 99.9%+ of the population won't have access to.

A comparison of the price of equipment and time necessary to setup a high quality target borrowing / renting a spectroradiometer starts to look like a better option.

I've only seen one person (Glenn Butcher) come close to a reasonably affordable solution that seems to deliver OK results. Iliah and Alexey have Spectron which is more affordable than most SSF solutions, but still pretty expensive and out of reach for most people.

Takes less than $1000 to build, and if you already have a spectrometer like ColorMunki or i1Pro, it's even cheaper.

or do they just help, and manual color corrections are to be expected afterwards?

Yes, unfortunately.

It helps if you use a "spectrally flat" light source, such as skylight, incandescent bulbs, and flash, which is close enough. You'll definitely have problems if fluorescent or LED bulbs are used.

Yup. Also, obviously, the reference light source should be the same as the capture light source.

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