Canon AF with Multiple Subjects

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Canon AF with Multiple Subjects

Hello All!

Acted as a second shooter to help someone with a side job they did for a family.  I was shooting on the Canon R5 with the RF 28-70mm f/2 that I had rented.  Most of the photos came out great, but I noticed on several that the focus was off when multiple people were in the shot on anyone but who the camera locked focus to.  For example, I would be off at an angle, the camera would lock one person, but the person two feet away from them was out of focus (not blurred, but not sharp either).  Or another shot of family on stairs, I focused on the middle member, but the very front and back were out of focus.  I imagine this is expected with sharper lenses, but am curious the best technique to capture this and quickly move through focal points?  Is it using my right thumb to identify focal point and quickly snapping shots then stacking?

I have not noticed that before when shooting with the 77D and Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8, which we own.  Is there a technique or methodology that can be employed to capture a group of people and get all faces in focus when stacked or slightly off axis?  I saw a photo of folks that were two or three rows deep, all in focus on another site.  Would love any advice or insight in to what to do/how to clear this up or what shooting techniques I can employ.

Thank you!


AF: AI Servo

AF Method: Face Tracking

Subject to Detect: People

Eye Detection: Enable

Continuous AF: Off

Canon EOS 77D / EOS 9000D Canon EOS R5
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