2.8/70-200 G SSMII won't focus anymore

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Re: 2.8/70-200 G SSMII won't focus anymore

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I had similar issues with the SAL70400 SSM II. Sony no longer carried the parts rendering the lens completely useless.

Photo Tech informed me that the focusing assembly for the 2.8/70-200 G SSMII was available, but at a price that exceeds the value of the lens in working condition - at least based on recently completed ebay transactions.

Their service manager suggested that unless I desperately need this lens for an A-mount body (I don't) , will be better off just leaving it alone and going E-mount. Intend to follow his advice -- and I still have the Beercan for the rare occasion of needing a 70-200 zoom on my A77/A99 bodies.

Remember the service manager has ulterior motives. He wants to sell you E Mount so the store can make more money. Because of that, his "advice" is based on selfish motives and not what is in your best interest. I say because you already own good A mount bodies buy the Tamron 70-200 f2.8. My advice is honest because I will not profit in any way.

AFAIK, Photo Tech is only a repair center, not a dealer.

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