What is important for you in mft?

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Re: What is important for you in mft?

System size. System weight. Telephoto advantage.

And Oly pro Lenses are some of the best lenses I have ever owned.

And with the 150-400mm F4.5 and one TC you can shoot from 300mm-2000mm equiv with one lens and there is just nothing else out there like it. Especially for full frame.

I recently considered swapping to a full frame system for better high ISO primarily, and at 60mp, you can do a 2x crop (about like MFT) and have 15mp, so the telephoto advantage is almost there.

However, I knew I would regret it mostly due to the quality of lenses.

And then I started really testing the E-M1 II high ISO processed with DXO.

And after several runs with the E-M1 II set at ISO 6400 and +0.3 ev.

MFT is maybe around 1 to 1.5 stops behind full frame as far as noise. That convinced me to keep MFT.

Hopefully the new Oly WOW camera will have slightly better high ISO noise control.

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