What is important for you in mft?

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What is important for you in mft?

Maybe you are a professional, maybe enthusiast or just an amateur. Maybe you have several systems for different purposes, but use mft for something (obviously, since we’re on mft forum).

What is important for you? Why do you use mft for what you do? Are you planning to continue using mft?

I’ve used Olympus since 2013 and original E-M1. Since then I’ve had so many bodies and lenses that it’s hard to keep track. E-M5ii, E-M1ii, E-M1iii for example, and almost every lens from PRO lineup and some other primes too, and I used them both professional and personal work, mainly latter.

A couple of months ago I sold it all and bought Canon R6 with some L-lenses because of the obvious benefits it offers. Bigger sensor, image quality, low light capabilities and superior AF to name a few. Anyway, this thread is not about Canon.

But. There’s always a but. Eventhough I am very happy with Canon, I did started to miss mft. First I planned I’d buy that new sensor body as soon as it’s released, but it turned out I don’t want to wait. So I bought EM5iii and 12-45mm f4 PRO combo, and boy it’s a gem. I did previously own 12-45 so I know what that lens can do, and while EM5iii is new to me per se, it’s still feels like coming home. I know the Olympus cameras and menus through and through after almost a decade of use.

These are my top reasons to (come back and) use mft. These are based on my own experiences when actually using the system in different situations, YMMV.

1. First the size. This is what is really important for me in mft. No matter how I put it, R6 with RF L-lens is big. Sure, I have RP too which is tiny with RF 50mm f1.8, and I happily will continue to use that. But RP is not weather sealed combo, and sometimes I need the flexibility of a zoom lens.

EM5iii is small, and so is 12-45. It still offers 24-90mm equiv. focal length. It fits even the smallest of bag (or biggest of pocket), and weights next to nothing. Highly portable and easy to take anywhere, anytime.

2. This leads me to weather resistance. Olympus makes it as good as they come. Both body and lens is IP-rated, and while one could argue the degree of absolute protection, it’s still the best in business. What’s more important for me is not the theoretical protection - or rating - but actual protection in real world use. I know I can rely to use this gear in every weather condition, as I have used for years in very difficult conditions, for example often in -30 degrees celsius for hours. That is a joy of wintersports, and living in a country with real winter. Gear has been covered in ice and snow. I’ve taken it inside to room temperature and back outside again, many times in a row, with ice melting around camera and lens only to freeze again. Not once have I experienced any problems (as long as I have changed battery, which is not an easy task when battery door is frozen). It’s a torture test of worst kind.

I wouldn’t put my 5000+ EUR Canon gear to that kind of conditions on a regular basis. Maybe it’s just me.

3. Image quality is important for me. For starters, let’s forget low light shooting with moving subjects. It’s not gonna happen. I can happily use ISO1600, sometimes even 3200, but after that it get unusable for me. But, in good light, or low light when shooting stationary subjects, or shooting with flash gun, things suddenly change. Then image quality is very good. So good that I’ve been using it in professional work. So it’s good enough for me as well as my clients, and that’s all there’s about it. It just delivers.

4. Features. Olympus IBIS is the best in business hands down. In-camera focus stacking/bracketing combined with IBIS is awesome for macro/landscape, also live time/composite. And procapture of course. Oh and high-res, unfortunately EM5iii does it only with tripod. These are all very usable feats for me, not just gimmicks.

And while not a feature, 2x crop makes dof wider. That is not always a downside, but often upside. Like in macro or landscape shooting.

5. FL-LM3 flash. This flash gets way too little love. Eventhough I have big flash guns and use them all the time (especially in professional work), LM3 may be my most used flash in personal use. Why? It is so tiny. Yes, it’s power is really limited, but it’s still higly usable. It has a swivel head, which is really important as I can bounce the light. It takes power from camera itself, so no extra batteries are needed. It is weather sealed too, so it can be used everywhere where the camera can be used. Only downside is that it doesn’t support high speed sync, but that’s understandable. Anyway, a brilliant little thing. And it comes for free with EM5iii.

6. Fun factor. This is highly subjective of course, but maybe it’s because I’ve used Olympus for so long, or maybe it just ticks all the right boxes for me, but I always liked to use Olympus more than other systems. Actually than Fuji too (which I have used longer than Olympus by the way). I did realise this quite fast after switching to Canon. Nothing wrong wih Canon though, not at all. It’s just it feels more like a tool for me, it’s hard to describe. But like I said, it’s very much subjective, but that’s actually kinda the whole point of this post anyway ;D

So what about the future with mft for me? I will continue using it, not as my ”main” camera system, but as a complementary system. I definitely will not invest that much to mft anymore, but I am very excited about new announcements of small PRO prime(s) and zoom(s). So I guess I’ll buy 20mm f1.4 and 40-150mm f4 lenses as soon as those are released. And new sensor body if we get it someday. I will keep it simple and small, and use it as highly portable, fun-to-use all-weather system, as I have bigger gear to do other stuff.

Please share your thoughts about mft and how/when you use it!

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