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Re: Spring is finally here in Wellington - CPA

WPMChan wrote:

André BARELIER wrote:

Beautiful flower, and very nice picture.

What surprises me is the welcome blurry background, and the resulting subject isolation (narrow DOF, which is best for this kind of picture), even though you used F/8, which is quite small for an APS C sensor, and should give more DOF.

Did you use any macro mode or similar?

Thanks Andre.

I did use the macro mode, which would allow me to focus closer to the flower, in this shot, about 200 mm. The minimum focal distance of the CPA, with normal AF is about 300 mm.

I suspect that the lighting at that particular moment had something to do with the blur background.

The tulip was in a small greenhouse. With the sun coming down almost directly from above, the vertical face of structure was not lit. My camera was quite low and the brighter top of the structure was not in the frame.

I think the DOF of this APSC lens, at F8 is not that deep. The green watering spray head was about 300 mm behind the tulip. It was already out of focus.

The black timber structure and the black watering pipework were another 100 mm further back.

I normally photograph flowers in A mode set at F8, normal Area Focus, Center-weighted metering, with picture control set at Vivid with high contrast. The small aperture and relatively fast shutter speed for the well lit flower made the shaded structure and the pipework, looked almost completely dark. Both the timber and the pipework are black in colour, and that would have also helped.

The lawn and another greenhouse at the back were quite far away.

Ah, OK. Thank you for the detailed explanation. Take care of your CPA. It does wonders in your hands.

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