Dangerous places

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Bobthearch wrote:

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Bobthearch wrote:

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In my photo set, the crime scene and glass pipe are here in Raton. (Of course, ¡Ratón!)

The cemetery of course is Dawson, New Mexico.

Sad, I almost stepped on hyperdermic needles, upriver, where I exercise, and take awesome double rainbows. And, golf balls. Found that out the hard way. I didn't see the tandem RV parked beyond the rim. The angle, from the Chama River, to "Edge of the Colorado Plateau," is too great.

Mr. Torres, a student, turned DistAtt, studied at UNM. Intramurals helped connect us.

Seems to me you were in Southern Colorado, or are you just visiting the NM Plains.

Did you know Dr. Roberto García, up near Trinidad, I think. Colleague of mine; died this year.

Anyway, you post great challenges.

I live here in Raton, 20+ years now. Worked at the coal mine, an archaeologist, on the gas drilling rigs, a geophysics company, all sorts of construction, the local brewery, and now I'm at the Raton Public Service electric company.

No, sorry I didn't know Dr. Roberto Garcia.

By the way, our school district hired a Principal from Abiquiu last year. She was a real piece of work, and they eventually got her to resign. I won't say any more, in case you're related or something.

That is one big BTW.  Shouldn't be too difficult.  Past-AFT President, after many services, never joined management; that would have meant leaving "teaching."

Related?  Remember that scene from "The Gods Must Be Crazy?"  Found the bottle.  Do you get the Rio Grande Sun?

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