FTZ adapter firmware update broke autofocus on 18-35mm D?

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Re: FTZ adapter firmware update broke autofocus on 18-35mm D?

Freedolin wrote:

j_photo wrote:

Freedolin wrote:

But even though it's not an 'official' abbreviation (but used by Nikon itself), for anyone shooting or familiar with older generation Nikkor lenses, 'AF-D' describes a screw-driven lens that provides distance information.

Not "anyone". I and others shoot older generation Nikkors and know perfectly well that AF-D does not mean external autofocus motor. I don't get it. It seems like you are advocating for perpetuating confusion and leaving people misinformed.

That's certainly not my intention, no.

I am honestly a bit surprised how that topic escalated

I have been living under the impression that 'AF-D' is used synonymously for 'AF D' lenses, explicitely not including AF-I or AF-S D lenses. That gives the following nomenclature for autofocus lenses that I, personally, and the few other Nikonians I know, all use and find completely logical:

  • AF (non-D)
  • AF-D
  • AF-I
  • AF-S
  • AF-P

The only thing that doesn't fit into this simplified naming scheme is the already mentioned AF DX 10.5/2.8 G Fisheye. Following that scheme, everything 'AF-D' is screw-driven.

But maybe I'm living in a Nikonian bubble that is not 'nitpicky' enough... even though I am typically accused of being just that

As Nikon themselves say, AF-D and D are the same thing. Some have focus motors and some don't. You can call that nitpicky if you want.

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