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Re: flagship M43 "VS" entry APS-C

Funny Valentine wrote:

Flagship m43 VS entry level aps-c DSLR.

My conclusions:

- IQ is better on the aps-c: DR, noise and colours

- Colours: the canon produces 14-bit files. Better tonal range, for example less noise and less banding in the sky for landscapes.

- Resolution: 24mp on 3:2 sensor is noticeably higher than 20mp on a 4:3 sensor.

But despite all the disadvantages of the m43 sensor, it's easier to take better pictures with the Olympus: EVF, IBIS, HHHRS, Focus Stacking and and on sensor PDAF do help a lot.

But the truth is for landscape shots (or any situation that requires you to have the sky in your composition) the aps-c will perform better thanks to the lower base ISO 100 and higher bit depth.

I consider the Olympus to be the better camera, but I find it interesting that the Canon that costs 4X less has a better image quality.

aps-c is barely bigger than m43.

notice the noise pattern in the sky. SOOC jpeg.

Notice how clean the sky is. SOOC jpeg.


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