Best USB-C charger for R5 batteries?

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Re: Best USB-C charger for R5 batteries?

For the original question, get a 65W PD charger, it will be a single point solution to chage your camera batteries, phone,tablets, laptops, everything.

Try to get something which is USB-IF certified. This certification means the PD implementation is done to rigorous standard. Although I would agree that not many devices are USB IF certified.

You can search if a product is certified by entering product registration code here.

Necktech makes one,

And surprisingly, amazonbasics has one which is USB IF certified in secret.

Tip: If you're using amazon to look for chargers, the product code is in the product URL, paste that in USB org website to know if they're USB-IF compliant or not. (The bold part in amazon link above)

I have the amazonbasics one and I'm very happy w/ the purchase.

For your second query about a USB C out of camera battery charger, I have no idea and I too am looking for a solution. I have had a positive experience with nitecore products so I'm inclined to get a UCN2PRO model but I am in the process of checking what others have recommended as well.

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