Anyone excited about an FTZ2?

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Re: Anyone excited about an FTZ2?

Not an actuator but a motor. The aperture is controlled by a motor. ...but that is already in the current FTZ.

Ok, let's call it a motor then. Plus gears. And I know it's already in there, I have that adapter And yes, I have seen your images of the inside of the FTZ. I'm pretty sure the motor and gear part could be designed to be a tad smaller if required. But in the current FTZ already they only use a fraction of the space in the tripod mount.

What is NOT in the FTZ is the motor and the gearing necessary for the screw driver.

I didn't ask for that

Are we talking about the same thing..? It is pretty clear that you did not read the Nikon recommendation about this.

I did... no worries. Still, I had to try... a reviewer's disease, I guess

Of course if you attach the lens with with the tripod collar on the lens that is perfectly fine also. I think that is obvious for everyone. But not all lenses have that.

Yes, of course it's obvious. Plus all lenses above the weight limit Nikon states in the manual come with tripod collars.

The recommendation aside, both the FTZ as well as the TCs can carry a lot more weight than what's stated in the manuals. Not something one should try intentionally too often, especially with heavy lenses, but something that accidentally happens fairly regularly out in the field.

I also was a bit surprised that Nikon sees the camera mount as a point of failure in case of too much weight, not the FTZ itself.

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