FTZ adapter firmware update broke autofocus on 18-35mm D?

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Re: FTZ adapter firmware update broke autofocus on 18-35mm D?

In this thread, I think the confusion began when someone said:

You sure the lens is a D lens?

Those do not have auto focus motors in them

I'm not blaming that poster at all, but the statement highlights that not everyone understands what the "D" means.

Different explanation that is also possible: the OP called his own lens the "18-35mm Nikkor D lens" in the first post, and the poster you quoted could have simply reused that phrase to ask if the OP is absolutely certain about the type of his lens, knowing that there is a Nikkor AF 18-35 D and a Nikkor AF-S 18-35 (so likely with some knowledge about the Nikkor portfolio and presumably the meaning of 'D'). Since the OP claimed the lens had autofocus on the FTZ before he upgraded the firmware, it would have been possible that he had the AF-S lens instead and simply mixed up names.

Anyway, this will not lead anywhere further now, I'm afraid. I made my point, I'll keep using "AF D" and "AF-D" synonymously, certainly NOT with the intention to confuse anyone.

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