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Re: X rite colorchecker passport magenta tint

D Cox wrote:

I think colour corrections afterwards are to be expected, especially if the paintings use the common Iron oxide pigments (Ochres, Venetian Red, Umbers, etc).

I see thanks!

What kind of lighting did you use ?

I used a pair of Bowens XMT 500s.

Do they look the same on your monitor as on the client's monitor ?

I'm not sure, but I can safely say the magenta is out of balance on my monitor as well (which is colour calibrated with xrite studio)

The two "skin color" squares on the Color Checker are the most relevant to this kind of painting., assuming that the artist used Iron Oxide pigmants.

Don Cox

This is another question about using the xrite and the white balance aspect of it:

If I shoot against a white gallery wall and use the XMT500s as the only light source, and then set the white balance to the colour card, I find that this often gives warmer white walls than if I dropped the white balance on the white wall.

I get that white emulsion paint wont be neutral, and so I always thought this difference was because the paint is slightly warmer white than the colour card, but it seems more warm than you would expect. Is there some aspect to my set up that would mean i'm using the white balance wrong, and getting slightly warm results?

Obviously in these shoots, the gallery wants dead flat neutral white walls, and so i often desaturate the walls to be 'neutral' to achieve this, but using the colour card to give the correct WB for the artwork, but it doesn't feel right doing it this way.  I wondered if I'm doing something wrong.

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