Anyone excited about an FTZ2?

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Re: Anyone excited about an FTZ2?

No, it can NOT be the same FTZ as today because there is NOT enough space.

Not enough space for what? A tiny actuator that has to move the aperture lever?

Besides, the tripod mount is necessary, otherwise you would rip the camera bayonet out of the camera with anything other than a few mediocre small lens if you'd attach the camera to tripod.

Oh, I see. Something must be wrong with my current FTZ then, because it even handled 70-200/2.8 zooms without ripping out anything on the camera, the lenses or itself. And that's lenses that come with a dedicated tripod mount already (and it's of course highly recommended to use those instead... I tried just out of curiosity). Also, never had such issues with any of my TCs, although they face the same design challenge.

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