FTZ adapter firmware update broke autofocus on 18-35mm D?

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Re: FTZ adapter firmware update broke autofocus on 18-35mm D?

briantilley wrote:

You might think it's logical, but it's misleading, because it leads people to believe that the -D designation tells you something about AF, in the same way that the -I, -S and -P suffixes do.

I think that's my beef with it too. It fundamentally misinforms people about the reason why their lenses do or do not focus on certain bodies. It's bit like telling people "because this is a DX lens, you have to multiply the focal length by 1.5x" (I'm sure you can guess how things go downhill after that).

Of course it's possible to say "well, everyone in the bubble knows what we REALLY mean", but then why not just say "lens without an internal motor", which is entirely accurate and also tells newcomers what the problem on a mechanical basis actually is, rather than implying that "D" is somehow relevant to the question when it really isn't?

The list is also incomplete. If we wanted such a list, to incorporate both the type of AF and the type of diaphragm control, it might look like this:

  • AF
  • AF D
  • AF G
  • AF-I D
  • AF-S D
  • AF-S G
  • AF-S E
  • AF-P G
  • AF-P E


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