Anyone excited about an FTZ2?

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Re: Anyone excited about an FTZ2?

It's still fairly safe to assume that those who want to use their screw-driven lenses with autofocus on their new Z camera are a fraction of the total market. And as a consequence, the actual question that needs to be answered for Nikon is not "would it be nice to have" but "does it make any sense economically"?

The most likely answer is "no". They'd probably sell quite a few of those adapters and maybe a few more cameras to those with legacy lenses, true. At the same time, those who are still hesitating would otherwise likely get newer lenses instead or keep using their legacy lenses on the legacy cameras that are around already.

I'm afraid the engineering work required to develop, build and market such an adapter (and the firmware upgrades required on the camera side... for all Z cameras) would be considerably higher than the potential additional profit. Plus, it would bind engineering power that is obviously scarce already, since Nikon is quite a bit behind schedule with parts of their portfolio. And that's certainly higher priority for them, selling new gear, including new lenses.

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