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s_grins wrote:

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s_grins wrote:

As an owner of both ON1 Photo Raw 2021 and NoNoise 2021 I hope for a discount on ON1 Photo Raw 2022 with integrated NoNoise. After all, I have already payed for NoNoise.

Yesterday I´ve got discount 25% for upgrade to 2022 - as I bought ON1 NN when it was released. So upgrade price for me is roughly 80USD.


what do you think about upgrade option? Before installing 2022 ON1 RAW, should we keep our current installations of 2021 ON1 RAW and uninstall only standalone NoNoise?

Or maybe we should uninstall both 2021ON1 RAW and Nonoise and only after that to run clean install of 2022 ON1 goodies?

I have preordered this 2022 and now feel unsettled.

If you want to use NoNoise as a standalone app or as a plug-in (unless you're going to get the Professional Plug-in bundle) don't uninstall it.

There's no issue having standalone/ plug-in apps alongside ON1 RAW.

Going from memory, when you install a new version (or the .5 update, I think) there is an check box asking if you want to uninstall the previous version(s). Sure I had two versions installed before with no issues.

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