X rite colorchecker passport magenta tint

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Re: X rite colorchecker passport magenta tint

D Cox wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

Mark Scott Abeln wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

Steve BB wrote:

Are colour profiles meant to be 'exact'

Yes, if those are reproduction-grade profiles, made from the targets painted with the same ink / pigments as the original paintings.

But not with a ColorChecker.

Not the stock ColorChecker, yes.

Pro tools for pro results

I wonder if the larger (and much more expensive) Color Checker would help in this application.

Not much.

Interesting that my mention of 'reproduction-grade' went unnoticed.

Out-of-the-box X-Rite profiles don't play well with default settings in Adobe converters.

One needs to modify the settings in a converter and, ideally, modify the profile itself.

https://www.rawdigger.com/howtouse/overriding-raw-converter-default-adjustments-settings and the comment where we suggest the modification of the profiles,

> exiftool -ProfileToneCurve="0 0 1 1" -o new.dcp old.dcp

Any comments from those who have used it ?


Don Cox

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