Bees in Flight - NOT!

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Re: Bees in Flight - NOT!

DNSJR wrote:

woodsrunner wrote:

I noticed this afternoon male bumblebees patrolling the garden, looking for new queens to mate. I thought, what a nice opportunity to capture some BIF, i.e. bees in flight. Well, that was a complete non-starter, they were too fast and erratic for me to follow. So I ended up with a few static shots of bees and a still life.

All photos handheld, taken with Z7II and 300PF with 1.7x TC.

Bumblebee on a pretty purple flower. I really need to learn how to identify plants or find a good app.

Still life. Hibiscus flower is illuminated internally by the afternoon sun. Gives it a nice glow.

Although I didn't accomplish any BIF capture I sure had a lot of fun.


very nice series, I believe the plant with the bee is sterling silver, bluebeard

Thank you for the reference, sterling silver in the reference photo sure looks a lot like the plant in the garden.  I am following up with the garden designer and will ask for a plan with plant names.

I appreciate your feedback.

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