Fungus (?) inside RF 70-200 F4 L

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Re: Fungus (?) inside RF 70-200 F4 L

Sinawang wrote:

What I'm asking is not about if the seals are air tight or not, but the integrity of the seal from preventing dust particles which are relatively bigger than air particles, where fungus spores might sticks on that dust particles, hope that make sense for Canon to understand this issue.

How do you know the integrity of seals is compromised? What specifications are the seals? You might have seen the seal on the lens mount - that exists to save the lens from water seeping in when lens is mounted on a weather sealed body. That means, when it's not mounted to such a body, the back is not protected.

More importantly, fungus grows well in moist less ventilated spaces. So the same sealing that keeps water out, also helps fungus grow once it is in. A weather sealed lens isn't very well ventilated

Weather sealed is not waterproof. It's also not hermetically sealed. If it was, manufacturers will proudly claim so. So rather than focus on seals, focus on getting your lens in order if it's really fungus. Call Canon, and ask nicely. They might help

Since you are in Asia, you might be able to find eureka dry cabinets. It's a Taiwanese company I have used for about 15 years. Simple and effective

But even before all that, take care of your lens. If fungus stays in, it will eventually grow

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