Fungus (?) inside RF 70-200 F4 L

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Re: a few things about this

Sinawang wrote:

Thanks for the recommendation. I will consider it.

Singapore there are plenty of options. The shipping cost will be expensive as these cabinets are heavy. Most photography equipment shops in humid countries of Asia will have stocks of dry cabinets. I have lived in SG, MY, Indonesia, Thailand, and Philippines. The photo stores in these countries carry a lot of decent dry cabinets.

The advice to call Canon is good advice. I got excellent service from Canon Singapore when I went for 5D II repair long time ago. I had got it used and the seller didn't tell me it had water issues and of course during the usual test at buying I didn't find anything amiss. It was only a couple of week or so later the water related corrosion happened. Canon had to replace main board, shutter assemble, mirror box. I got a practically a new camera. Canon was reasonable and charged me less than a 1000 SGD for the repair. That camera worked well and served me good. All I am saying is while camera companies say they won't honor water related issues like fungus or corrosion, they usually put it to prevent abuse. Ever seen YouTubers washing their camera under shower and boasting about it? I see that as abuse to be honest.

Anyways wish you lots of luck. Hopefully it will resolve.

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