AF-P DX Nikkor 70-300 mm f/4.5-6.3G ED VR

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Re: AF-P DX Nikkor 70-300 mm f/4.5-6.3G ED VR

Craftsman70 wrote:

patricksmith32 wrote:

The AF-P lens is not sharper or better than the 70-300mm G VR lens, it’s a step down in every regard except for video use and there is no VR. So unless you do video where quiet autofocus is important it’s a downgrade. It’s a cheap, plastic consumer grade lens that’s sold in kits at Costco and Walmart. The 70-300mm G VR is a better built, faster to autofocus and solid lens overall. I can’t comment on reliability but I would not recommend you consider the switch. If you only do stills and have D7xxx cameras then I wouldn’t switch. If anything eventually you might want an 80-400G VR or 200-500mm lens. Those are both upgrades.

I have the two 70-300s in question - the AF-P DX and the AF-S G VR. Yes, the AF-S G VR is a much better-built lens, much heavier, and uses a whole lot more metal both internally and in the mount. It also has that small rubber gasket around the mount that is supposed to help with sealing out water and dust between the camera and the lens.

The AF-P DX is much faster in focusing however and the focus is deadly silent in comparison. And the lens does perform well optically. Remember that the AF-P DX is a replacement for the 55-300mm and in comparison to that lens, the AF-P DX is a definite upgrade. As for pricing, periodically, refurb versions of the AF-P DX do appear in the marketplace at a number of online sellers for crazy cheap prices and that would be the ideal time to get one.

Why do I have both? I wanted to build a lightweight kit around a D7200 that went from 10 to 300mm to complement my full-frame D780. So, I have the AF-P 10-20 as well as the 70-300mm and a 16-85mm.

Hmm, so I do like to turn off the VR on my AF-S G VR for when I am shooting race cars and airplanes in flight.  Would I not be able to turn off the VR on the lens, or in the D7200 menu, with the AF-S DX?

Also, my main focal length of interest is from around 250-300mm, as I am always needing that length for wildlife.

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