Fungus (?) inside RF 70-200 F4 L

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Re: a few things about this

Sinawang wrote:

PicPocket wrote:

Sinawang wrote:

I found this yesterday morning.

First, let me start by saying, I'm not sure if this is fungus. Hard to make out conclusively from photo. But, I'll err on the side of assuming that it is fungus, because if it spreads, the lens is mostly done for

Knowing that this lens is sealed and pro grade, but when I find something like this, sure I'm disappointed.

No lens is sealed for fungus. Moisture can form inside lenses without crossing the seals, the air inside the lens isn't completely dry and the lens isn't airtight. Vapour is not the same as water droplets. Same goes for microorganisms that make up the fungi. Too small to seal against in a consumer device

How to save this lens from the fungus (?) spread further if this already happened?

First step is to make sure it's not alive. UV light is fungus killer. You need to make it spend a long time in sunlight or a good UV lamp. If it dies out, it will probably dust off. If even a spek of it remains, it will grow.

What cost me if I send it to service centre to clean?

Canon must have a fixed cleaning charge. Call them up

As for some of the posters mentioning dry cabinets, don't use the ones that heat up or use a bulb. The decent ones use a peltier device that suck condense out the moisture without raising the temperature inside. A hot cabinet isn't good for rubber etc on equipment in long run. I live in HK and the humidity here means everyone with some equipment uses one of those. It's simple and cheap and takes this worry completely away. Been using one for last 15 years (yes, they can last very long)

Could you please recommend us one good compact dry cabinet for 1 camera, and 5 lenses under $500?

how bout this?

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