Fungus (?) inside RF 70-200 F4 L

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Re: Fungus (?) inside RF 70-200 F4 L

Dan W wrote:

Might be under warranty. Worth a call. Do you live in a humid climate like Florida or other southern state? They make drying cabinets that B&H sells. Or you can make one, just build a box and wire a 25 or 40 watt bulb (not LED bulb) like an appliance bulb. The heat from the bulb will keep humidity at bay, humidity is the enemy to lenses. The ones you buy look sorta like a dorm refrigerator with a glass door. Its just a mildly warm cabinet that keeps mold and fungus from taking off.

The fact that this happened inside a sealed & pro-grade lens really disappoint me.

I put it with some silica gel around it.

I read some article mentioned that fungus is outside of warranty coverage. I'll confirm about this.

What if fungus is not covered by warranty?

Can the fungus disappear by only storing the lens inside dry box if the fungus is already there?

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