H E L P ! ----- How to delete "Apple Maps"

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Phillip Forsten Senior Member • Posts: 1,253
Re: H E L P ! ----- How to delete "Apple Maps"

Erik Ohlson wrote:

A few minutes ago, a greyed "window suddenly appeared on my iMac which has been running Big Sur for 6-7 months just fine.

I have no (ZERO) use for this - what? is it an "APP"? I don't know !!

I can't seem to turn it off - it's like where pirate "hackers" take over your screen until you pay.

But - so far, no threats !

I tried Restart & Shutdown & get a message that "Maps" is stopping that process !

See if you can take a screenshot of it and post the image. Use your phone's camera or other camera if it will not allow you to do it and post it from your iMac. I’ll try and help if I can.

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