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Re: Mystery lens

Pentax645 wrote:

DFA 70-300 and 24-105......yes indeed. The DFA 28-105 is a workhorse, but 24 on the wide end would be a significant increase in flexibility.

asahi man wrote:

Prototypes / Planned / forecasted lenses are DFA 70-300

DFA 4.0 24-105

DFA 1.4 35

DFA macro

DA 50-135 or 150

Prototype and or studies

DFA... 300

DFA 500 or 600

DFA 24-70

New converters, dedicated to * tele line.

Pentax Ricoh isn't sleeping... But they are also not speeding

The 28-105 is the amateur range. Pentax Plan is to have a High grade amateur and a * pro range  of comparable lenses.

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