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Re: M & Auto ISO

sifro wrote:

... but my doubt is... this way, EV compensation only becomes an alternate name and scale for ISO. Instead of ISO 100, 250, 600, 3600, etc... we get EV -3, +1, 0, etc... but it's basically the same thing, just more limited (because I only get 7 steps from -3 to +3) and making me less aware of the situation (because I don't know exactly at how many ISO i'm shooting... I can only guess or half press the shutter to see it).

At this point, isn't it better to just use the actual ISO?

I often use manual with auto ISO when I am birding. When I am shooting BIF, I often dial in somewhere around +1 EV because the bird is typically a dark body against a noticeably brighter sky. If I actually twiddled around with the settings when the bird was flying by, I would never get a shot off at all. The auto ISO takes care of the changing brightness of the scene while the EV adjustment handles the relative darkness of the bird against the sky, which is pretty invariant with overall brightness changes. FWIW

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