X100V Mac Connection Issue

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Re: X100V Mac Connection Issue

Amadeus21 wrote:

I can't see, what you are all arguing and telling issues with Mac OS.

Of course I can see at once the mounted SD cars (64 GB) in Mac OS finder, and of course I can open that volume and copy the pictures anywhere!

Running Mojave on my Mac without any difficulties with Fuji formattet SD cards. And so will do all newer OS, too.

The problem is sitting in front of the computer. Or you have a very old SD card reader, which doesn't support large SD cards or any other issue.

It had been never a good idea connecting the camera directly to the computer in order to read the pictures on the SD card inside the camera.

While it's good advice to tell the OP to "use an SD card reader", your comment doesn't address the specific question. There may be any number of reasons why the OP may want to be able to connect directly to the camera. Indeed, since the Fuji cams have a "USB Card Reader" setting (specifically for, one would think, connecting directly to a computer), it would be nice if it actually worked as such. I don't know if Mojave would detect the camera in Finder, but in Big Sur it doesn't. There is also evidence that using a card reader doesn't always work either (see the Pal2tech video on this subject in my first reply above).

So this isn't about "user error", it's about trying to troubleshoot a legitimate issue. I'd be curious to know what happens if you connect your camera via usb running Mojave. It would be helpful to know if this is a Big Sur issue alone, or if it is occurring in Catalina, Mojave, or other versions of MacOS.

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