FTZ adapter firmware update broke autofocus on 18-35mm D?

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Re: FTZ adapter firmware update broke autofocus on 18-35mm D?

wildblanket wrote:

BasilG wrote:

Cryhavoc38 wrote:

I was referring to AF-D lenses not f/4 D lenses.

If there are AF-D lenses that have internal motors, I guess I have come across any yet.

I guess I assumed the op was talking about an AF-D lens. My bad.

What you have discovered is that the AF-D nomenclature is misleading. The 300/4 D is just as much a D lens as all the other D lenses, and there is more than a dozen D lenses that do have internal AF motors. The relevant categories are AF, AF-I, AF-S, AF-P, not "D or not D".

Is there a list of the D designation lenses with internal motors somewhere ?

If it says AF-S or AF-I on them, they have a motor.

Anyway the original posters' lens does not appear to be one of them, does it ?

No. It isn't, meaning this lens never focused on that camera, even before the firmware update.

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