X100V Mac Connection Issue

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Re: X100V Mac Connection Issue

MyLifeUncut wrote:

When I connect my X100V to my Mac with the included USB cable, I can transfer images with the Image Capture program (included in Mac OS), but I don't see the files on the SD card in the Finder (as was the case with _any_ other camera I have ever used).

"PC connection mode" is set to "USB card reader", which should be the correct setting.

One of my biggest frustrations with Fuji is their S/W in general, PCAutoSave is a piece of junk. Fujifilm X Acquire is not much better.  The S/W should and the in camera F/W should be smart enough to configure the communications so that plugging the camera into the computer should be plug and play.  It is far from it.  Why should I have to set the communications mode to one thing for X Acquire to simply save a backup of the camera - and for something else to bring up the images on ImageCapture.  It should be simply plug and play.

If you set the connection mode to "USB card reader" that exposes the card to the PC.  ImageCapture sees it and so does photos.  But the Finder doesn't probably because Fuji does not follow the Unix protocol for mounting and un-mounting a disk. Why?  Who knows.  Don't get me started on the phone app.

I normally simply use image capture and drag and drop the images into a folder I have created.  You can drag and drop from the Image Capture layout just like it is a disk.

MacOS is a POSIX compliant Unix OS.  POSIX compliant Unix has been around since the 1970's - it's well understood.  Linux while no officially POSIX compliant follows the same standards.  So why Fujifilm has issues I have not idea.  I suspect that Apply is not going to address this as they most likely do see it as an issue.  There was one other thread a while back on some incompatibilities between Fuji and MacOS which seemed to be related to the way Fujifilm handles the directory structure of the card.

It almost seems that the card is not presented as a standalone disk to the OS.  It could be the way Fuji formats the cards in camera.  One might try to format the cards in the Mac and then take some shots and try it.  It might be that while there are two cards, Fuji does not recognize them as two independent disk and there is some sort of F/W that manages that.  The good news for me, I don't find the Finder a good place to sort though images so use ImageCapture for that or a physical card reader.  However, it does seem that Fuji F/W is not compliant or they are not following the Unix specification they way they handle their cards as they are not recognized as independent disk when plugged into the Mac.

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